Terms & Condition

1. Introduction

This agreement ("Terms and ConditionsAgreement") between Mortgage Bidder Canada Inc. ("MortgageBidder.ca") and the "users" of the website ("Customer " and "Mortgage Specialists") sets forth the terms and conditions applicable to the provision of services by Mortgage Bidder Canada Inc. to the users. As used herein, the term "Services" means all services provided by Mortgage Bidder Canada Inc. to the users, including, if applicable, the use of Mortgage Bidder Canada Inc.'s website www.mortgagebidder.ca. The users may not transfer or otherwise assign its rights under this Agreement without prior written authorization of Mortgage Bidder Canada Inc. This agreement is not a lease for the software/website and does not grant any rights or ownership in the business. If you use MortgageBidder.ca or any other website owned by Mortgage Bidder Canada Inc., you accept and agree that you comply with this terms and conditions agreement.