Total Debt Servicing Calculator

TDS stands for Total Debt Servicing. Total Debt Servicing means the total amount of money one can borrow based
on his/her financial income. It takes two things into consideration:
For example, if someone makes $5,000 a month and have $5,000 in monthly expenses (such as rent, loan payments, credit card)
then the TDS would be high. And if someone makes $5,000 a month and have only $2,000 in expenses, then TDS would be low.
So TDS is all about a relationship between INCOME and EXPENSES.
At, TDS calculator is built to let customers understand their financial circumstances. The same type of
TDS calculators are used by banks and lenders across the globe. Using this calculator, one can understand how much more
money can be lended to him/her.
Our customers and mortgage professionals here at love using TDS calculator.
Mortgage Bidder Canada Inc. is determined to design and provide free financial calculators to its users. You can not
only use it on our website, but also post it on your own website or blog. Its free and its very good!
You can use it on our website without install it Total Debt Servicing (TDS) Calculator


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